Fireplace Made of Bricks and the Proper Steps to Clean It

It adds additional view to your house to have a fireplace and it is very useful as you could use it during the winter time and not need to worry. It’s very necessary for those places that always suffer to cold weather due to the location area and the kind of altitude that they have in that country or state. But cleaning the chimney is not a joke for many people as they need to spend more time in doing this so that they could get the job done faster. Some would even hire a ramoneur Sherbrooke to do it because it would take a lot of time if you don’t know much about the proper ways of cleaning it.  

After using them the whole day and the whole winter time, you would come to realize that it gets too dirty and sometimes it is hard to clean the dirt. The smoke and the stain on the wall of the brick type of fireplace would get an accumulated dust and dirt that would take a professional cleaner to do it. You don’t really need to clean every after one month as you could have the specific schedule for this like every year or twice a year of maintenance and cleaning. You could actually clean this place without hiring someone as long as you know the tricks and the proper ways to do remove the dirt and the right cleaning materials.  

You would not believe that a simple vacuuming could be a great help in cleaning the chimney but of course, this would not be the last step to clean it. This will just be the very first thing that you need to do and make sure to use the soft brush to be attached to your vacuum to loosen dust. After doing that, then you could go now to the second step which is about using some chemicals to help you in scrubbing the area and with the detergent soap. You can dilute the solution or the soap to a spray bottle so that you would have an easy way to spray and clean it without having a problem later.  

Of course, there would be some type of cleaning agent that you could use if you don’t want to have a try of those commercial products that you can buy. Others would use the baking soda and the soap to clean the fireplace and with the help of scrubbing the area so well to remove the unpleasant stain and dirt. Some would consider having the mixture of vinegar and water to clean those type of dirt that wasn’t too hard to remove as it gives chance to kill the germs. It is also fine to use the bathroom cleaner that you have there if that is the only available cleanser that you have in your house or in the apartment.  

It would sound too hard to get rid of the dirt but when you often inspect it and you think you need the cleaning activity then do it sooner.